Kamis, 24 Maret 2011



A : Good Evening Mam, Welcome to Dinner Dash Resto, how many people?
B : Do you have a table for five ?
A : Yes, there is, do you smoking area or non smoking area ?
B : Please give us a table in the non smoking area !
A : Okay, this way please !
B : May I have a menu please?
A : Okay, this is the menu.
B : What dou you recommend for dinner ?
A : We have some local and international food, and we have a steak wich have a good taste. May I take your order ?
B : We are not ready to order yet, could you give me a few minutes ?
A : Okay, if you are ready to order, please call me my name is Nina.
A : Can I take your order Mam?
B : Yes, 3 steak wit brown sauce, 1 salad, 1 roast rib, 4 lemon squash, and strawberry smoothie.
A : How would you like your salad ?
B : Could I have Italian dressing on my salad ?
A : What will you have for dessert ?
B : We want to chocolate pudding with blueberry sauce, please.
A : Okay, would you please wait for a few minutes?
B : Okay.

A : Was everything satisfactory ?
B : Yes, and bill please!
A : This the bill it’s Rp 250.000.
B : Okay.
A : Thank you, and we wish see you again.

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  1. wah terima kasih nona atas conversation nya,sangat membantu saya yang kepepet dsuruh bikin conversation hehehe