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Name  : Fifi Ellin                                                                         Class   : 4EA13
NPM   : 12210769                                                                       Date    : 9th April, 2014
JLN. K. H. Noor Ali No. 30
                                                      Bekasi 10240                                                        

Your ref          : FE/LG/12B                                                                  8th May, 2014
 Our ref             : SJ/RS/08F

Mr. Stephen Juhara
Marketing Manager
PT. Multi Jaya Abadi
132 Jln. Maphilindo Raya
Surabaya 2860

Dear Mr. Stephen Juhara,

     Subject : Purchase Order No. 2175
    We have received your letter of 3rd April and should be glad if you would accept our        order for the following goods:
       50 pairs black, size 40 Montana Ladies’ Shoes, Cat Ref. C306
       50 pairs brown, size 38 Montana Ladies’ Shoes, Cat Ref. B308
       60 pairs black, size 42 Montana Ladies’ Shoes, Cat Ref. A213
       50 pairs brown, size 40 Montana Ladies’ Shoes, Cat Ref. A215
       60 pairs black, size 20 Montana Children Shoes, Cat.Ref. D402

We shall pay for the goods by banker’s transfer within 30 days from the date of the delivery. We would like to know whether you can offer us a special discount 20% of the total price as usual.

Please kindly acknowledge this order and confirm that you will be able to deliver the goods immediately as the Idul Fitri Day is coming near
                                                                                              Yours sincerely,

                                                                                                                 Fifi Ellin
                                                                                                        Purchase Manager

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